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why mobility in yoga is crucial ?
  • 10 Sep 2018
  • By Vrushali - Blog Writer.

We seldom insist people to commence their present moment in silence and in a still posture but we often forget that in the mobility of the body, is where the growth of oneself takes place. 

Mobility often interlinks with the term 'movement' and 'flexibility'. The emphasis of this movement and flexibility of one's body in turn asks to free the soul inside it, isn't it? In general, if we go to speak of how life starts to take place is when we start to learn and understand the beauty of its existence wherever and whichever form it is in, as it is in. The soul inside starts to bloom when the body starts to express its own language freely.

If I had to exaggerate on one's idea of the importance of movement in Yoga today, we would agree to the fact that the posture alignments and movements have played a significant role in helping your skin take shape and glow at its own radiant tangent through the help of physical practice and self efforts.

The movement of your body starts to take shape when one starts listening to its senses that your nerves signal during these movements. Just like you would want to experience the coalition of a 'happiness drug' inside of you, so do your nerves command while experiencing this. Your nerves signals and commands the functioning of your body which creates a direction of a 'body flow' and this 'body language' starts to speak freely when mobility is expressed. 

When there is a movement starting to take a 'direction' in your journey of 'life' is when the purpose of your existence feels a life force within your nervous system. This life force is nothing but a calling of your flexibility of mind and body, which is opening up to receiving, becoming and demanding a 'better you'.

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