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  • 30 Dec 2018
  • By Vrushali - Blog Writer.

A fitness teacher is a must 'go-to person' to whom you can speak with when you know that you cannot have all your errands run, alone. For inspiration we fall back onto those that have achieved their fitness regime through hard work and consistency. The reason to follow someone not only gives you motivation but will also enable a path of correcting your self when you do things in the wrong direction. Teenagers that are forcing themselves to find their inspiration cannot just follow regimes without knowing the pros and cons of different activities. 

After puberty, teenagers tend to upbeat their energies at the gym so much so that they forget that their body needs to be processing the weights and other lifts slowly and steadily.

Many girls as well as the boys have a lean mass body with a little bulge. And in order to create changes in their body they consume eating habits post their work out that are not preferably suiting their body type. When this takes place, the metabolism as well as the root changes of the physical work out goes haywire. 

When you grow up, the importance of having a fit and a shaped body becomes your 'next' goal for that period until you hit a change in yourself, isn't it so? 

Your mind and body is not always at a tangent pace. This is really when you are unable to abreast into stressful situations when the time of the hour demands more out of your mind and less from your body. The situation of that need when not met, leads to ill habits of overeating or over consumption of foods. 

The mass population is not aware mentally of how much food they need to consume daily which fits their body type. The whole process starts from how much you eat and what food intakes you follow when fitness is the utmost priority for most. The technical knowledge of your physical practice and the physiological changes in your mind need to be in sink to give you results you desire as per your expectations.

We belong to a country where refined sugars are easily consumed. We add our sugars in teas, coffees as well as in our foods. Lets not deny this.

What I am trying to convey here is, to share the correct information on how sugars are absolutely affecting every nerve cell of your body, if you are not aware about this. 

Our body requires more proteins than carbohydrates and sugars. To speak from the truthful facts, yes, protein foods are expensive. Proteins help in altering the innermost muscle release if consumed in right amounts from correct foods.

Fat accumulation takes place when sugars are consumed over protein foods.

Fats that help in processing and dissolving into more energy is the way to go, to help create that change of body you may desire. Unfortunately, our system is functioned in such a way where our body needs enough nutrition to look fit. And to look fit you need the right fats and proteins like I mentioned. Besides of this, people on carbs and sugars need more exercise and work out which will enable to have movement and burn your carbs and sugar into energy. 

The situation of hyperactivity can be reduced once a person start a regime of exercise daily. 

Your kids who are in schools, when you notice, are consuming chocolates which calls for a situation that will be dangerous in coming time. Being proactive like the kids it’s easy to allow the fats to burn and that’s why kids are able to be happy at all times. They burn their fats consciously or subconsciously daily. My point is, have the energy like a kid. 

Following are a few steps to lose weight

1) Light walks, brisk walks daily. 

2) Consciously keeping aware about your breath, and regularly practicing pranayamas. 

3) Dedicate time for a particular yoga class by following thrice a week strictly from your  'to-do list'. 

4) But obviously, avoid sugary foods. 

To simplify, if you just keep track of these four routes starting from now, your physical as well as mental balance will change for the better. The changes in your hormones will also help you to stay much more happier and it will give way to more happy times than the grumpier days you are experiencing in your overweight body. 

× Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not represent the official webinar of the topic.

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