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It is high time for you to spine it up !
  • 30 Oct 2018
  • By Vrushali - Blog Writer.

Back to the subject of science, you learn and understand the importance of structure, anatomy and health of your Spine, which is, the most fundamental topic when you accept that Yoga is becoming the utmost priority for you. To have the right amount of knowledge regarding the alignment of your spine, is to mean, that one also needs to be self-aware about their structure, and accept their body type.

Spine a.k.a backbone is the internal significant bone alignment, inside your physical body, that has several interconnections with other body parts. To make it simpler, there's a reason the word " backbone ”  is associated with strength and courage. A strong and flexible back is the foundation for power in the upper body, just as the hips are for the lower body.

To keep in mind, let’s speak of why Yoga emphasis on the flexibility of your spine as the utmost goal of health and happiness, if you are experienced enough in your journey as a yoga practitioner. 

First and foremost, the sensitivity of your nerves need to feel free i.e mobility through flexibility. 

To experience smoothness and lightness in your body, your spine flexibility is possibly the only way you can free your self from physical pain. 

“ To be aligned in postures is to know how godly you can be within your body type. " 

Your physical practice speaks volumes about how well you are maintaining your spine. 

The sense of creativity starts to express outward, when your spine is open, to receiving a change i.e change of your body structure versus a change of your mindset towards attaining that change. 

The mass population is not aware about their physical body that suffer from slouched back, lower body pain due to wrong body postures and several other spinal issues that go unattended for years until they realise it is too late to help themselves. 

Getting to the technical part of it, your lower body is the base.

According to the subject of Psychology, they say that your subconscious mind overpowers the consciousness. We hardly use our subconscious thoughts. Why so? Because your intelligence succumbs to the fact that it only believes in the conscious thoughts at a present moment. Bringing psychology with the anatomy of your body, your Pelvis (Hip bone) is the bridge which connects the spinal cord to your subconscious thoughts which is your lower body and our conscious mind is your upper body, to explain this in division terms.

Did you ever know this before?  Well .... NOW YOU KNOW!

Your Thoracic Spine (mid-back) mobility is very important too, as your flexibility depends on how well you are maintaining it regularly. That is exactly why the harsh truth falls prey to our ears when we often here our elders warn us to " Sit straight, don't slouch ".

Now do you know why they keep reminding us this?  Exactly my point, they really care for you. 

From the times of History, Yoga Sages have long back, realised that ones spine, have a deeper logic and meaning that makes them " human ".

I am not here to intellectualise the concept behind spine but there are facts from history that tell us about the evolution of Homo Sapiens here too.

" Sit up straight, as we walk with pride on our two feet. "

From health point of view, your wrong eating habits and wrong postures is a cause of your stiffnessdegradations and debilitating energies that obstruct the flow of energies inside your body which overall affects your physical self. The deterioration then becomes the reason for excess food intake, diabetes as a curse, or even malnutrition for that matter becoming a subject of concern for many. This imbalance can cause a huge loss of calcium in your bones which destroys your physical structure if you do not start looking after your spinal health. 

Lastly, if you really want to practice of having your spine aligned and regularly attaining a balance through physical practices, start expanding your lungs with the practice of deep breathing i.e inhalation’s and exhalations to open up the kundalini of your spine. 

To end with a fusion of self- help, start lengthening or elongating your spine, stretch regularly, practice daily, sit up straight and add a tinge of meditations during your "me-time" and see the changes take place for you. This, will wholeheartedly welcome, a new awakening for your well being and also balance the internal intangible chakras that will make you feel better when you will see your structure change.  

Take care, spine it up!

× Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not represent the official webinar of the topic.

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