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depressing to be depressed ?
  • 27 Sep 2018
  • By Vrushali - Blog Writer.

Are you depressed, by any chance? 

Quite often, this question has been asked during silent moments among peers/friends or when you sit still when your parents wonder if something is wrong with you. You have been there, experienced that and all the while have known, that it’s confusing to reply back because you don't comprehend that yourself, right?

Depressive state of mind is a very obvious 'felt' emotion at any given time during a week of consistent work hours or when you absolutely have 'nothing to do' sometimes. You do feel this, just like many others do. Not all are willing to admit this. Adolescents feel this state in their peak stage of career, almost every day. There could be a huge debate and interaction if this topic is thrown to light. Frustration, competence and revenge being one of the main drawbacks leading to a case of depression.

You can predict the feeling when you know that you are unable to flick your mind from ideas into an execution of a plan or action/s, or when you are stuck in a particular dramatic relationship, or when you just cannot seem to step forward into any field of interest. These situations seem to co-exist within your thought processes and also linger around in your dreamful state, pulling your brain cells and causing irritation as well as confusion. This is normal. You feel this since there are thoughts overlapping more thoughts inside your 'little' brain leading from one to another that loops into more and more unanswered doubts about yourself.

Depression symptoms are varied and underlying. We often use the term 'go with the flow' for the reason being, that the sentence in itself has a calming effect when said out loud. You need to admit the fact that you really need to accept your current state and genuinely learn the activity of putting yourself in front of the mirror and speaking this loudly so you know so and accept as it is....so.

The feeling of loneliness has its benefits, believe it or not. How? There is a misconception about the fact that when you are alone, you feel lonely. This is the time when you will be put to a phase of learning ‘to embrace yourself’ away from the crowd (sometimes), because that is exactly the moment when you will start to hear your inner voice. Try!

Research tells us that certain body languages portray whether you are feeling anxious or angry at a given moment. And this is absolutely true!

Your body and mind starts to experience innumerable physical and emotional counter triggers without awareness of your current situation, from one end to the other. When you seem to 'feel lost', you are actually not depressed but just contemplating between your conscious state and your subconscious mind.

Depression is a heavy word to throw at someone while questioning their past experience in relation with how they feel at present. The correlation may well be described but going through that pain is a pricking situation. 

Various Psychologists and Psychotherapists as well as Psychiatrists bring a force onto this topic of discussion because, they well understand the deep cause and effect on you than any of your friends ever will or can. In order to have this feeling discussed in the open, you need to head out and find a solution with somebody, who is a professional in this field. If everyone goes around advising on how to go about with life, you will fall into the vices of the devil that speaks without any experience.

Get yourself out of this feeling of ‘pull’, be it any reason. You cannot ride your life force forward without asking for help. You need to find your mental peace by speaking up.

And as 'life goes on’ these thoughts of depression will in turn 'run away' when you pull yourself up from the clogged web of darkness within you. Seek correct guidance if you feel low, for at the end of time, we are all experienced in such a state atleast once in our entire life time.

× Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not represent the official webinar of the topic.

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