About me

When one is embodied to accumulate every piece of themselves to become one with the Universe, Yoga helps in transforming one self to the fullest. From being raised without any parental support, Yoga has been Samarths only path of growth and evolution ; starting out as a student to becoming a teacher today.

Yoga itself is a way of life and a science that everybody needs to imbibe in their daily lives in order to sustain a healthy body and an open mind. He is a dedicated Indian Hatha Yoga Practitioner who started his journey from a small locality to building families across the globe through his spiritual teachings. He has mastered more than 500 asanas by only one preaching ; which is through an act of discipline and efforts.

We all are, universal energies, that are intertwined by means of communication of languages ; both verbal and non-verbal. Every body language produces a sign and has its own form of art. He believes, we all are Gods gracious creation. He has dedicated many years to impart the correct knowledge about Yoga to the community that needs to understand the meaning of ‘ balance’ over ‘instability‘, ‘freedom’ over ‘greed’ and ‘acceptance’ over ‘ego’.

Coming from a city filled with challenges, Mumbai has been his home ground where he conducts personal trainings, group classes as well as workshops. His success has been by curing a number of patients that have spondylitis & slip disc as well as mental imbalances. Through personal experience, his form of art and love for Yoga has brought light to the darkest of spaces and given every life a ray of hope to continue living and not just surviving in today’s times.

Samarths every word and action has created an effective aura that is built to last for humans to learn, that Yoga is the only form through which one will attain peace. Find your peace through practice of Yoga today.


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